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Custom AI signals for Demandbase

Noki is a data enrichment software bringing the power

of custom AI signals to B2B databases.

Demandbase, give custom AI qualification to your customers

Noki enables your customers to find fully qualified accounts directly in Demandbase's product, using 100% custom AI signals they create themselves.

Current Demandbase capabilities

  • First party intent data

  • Third part intent data

  • Outbound engagement

  • Firmographics

before Noki


custom AI qualification

  • Undergoing cloud migration?

  • Hiring for data scientists?

  • US office count?

  • Using marketing ads?

with Noki

Built for Demandbase

See how Noki could work in Demandbase's UI

FocuSee Project 2024-03-11 18-35-321.gif

Get a demo →

Give us 30 minutes to explain how Noki could bring

custom AI qualification to your platform.

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