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How to build your perfect account list using AI, in minutes

B2B databases are the starting pillar for most companies’ outbound efforts. But in the absence of a better alternative, users have been accepting of some glaring faults (especially during the “Predictable Revenue Era”)

Most notably - B2B database don’t actually give you a list of companies who are truly relevant for you

How databases work today

B2B databases have generic filters that their customers use to slice their datasets of companies and leads. These filters are standardised types of data and often include data points like:

  • Headcount

  • Revenue

  • Industry

  • Location

The simple workflow today

Employee at BluePeak (a HR software) goes to a B2B database and applies filters that their team has decided identifies ideal customers:

  • Headcount between 50-1000 to pull out midmarket companies

  • Revenue above $1m so they can afford BluePeak’s services

  • BluePeak have found success with SaaS companies, so they look for industry filters in technology or information technology

The problem here

BluePeak now has a list of accounts that match their ideal customer in profile, but not in practice. 

There is no indication that these accounts need a HR solution.

Without this knowledge, the team at BluePeak have handed this list over to their sales and marketing teams to execute on for the quarter.

Which means that the sales and marketing teams end up wasting time, energy and money chasing a large list of accounts that is nowhere near their ICP.

We worked with 3 customers who found that on average 60% of the companies in their pipeline were not a good fit for them.

For example at BluePeak, what I really want to do is filter my list of companies to show me:

  • They’re currently aggressively growing (meaning early solutions are probably breaking)

  • They have employees across multiple geographies

  • They are currently using a competitive solution

  • Their HR and People team have indicated that they are actively looking for a new solution to implement.

By doing this, I have a list of companies who are supremely qualified. But I have to do this manually at the moment.

The new workflow

The missing piece of the puzzle for B2B databases is custom filtering.

Since every company has a completely unique ICP, that criteria should be reflected in the databases they’re using to source their accounts.

Give me an interface that:

  1. Allows me to create my own custom filters

  2. Identify a list of accounts that directly match my ICP in profile and in practice

What this means?

  • Generate a complete custom account list in minutes

  • Sales funnel only contains best fit accounts

  • Time and resource previously spent on poor fit accounts is recycled into best fit accounts

  • Shrunken CAC, cut in sales cycle length

  • More meetings, more opportunities, more deals

When is it coming?

Noki is already working with the leading B2B Databases to bring this capability to them.



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