The fastest possible way to summarise user calls with context

Noki cuts out the wasted time from your
 user interviews. Forget manual tasks and
 spend time on what matters.
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Save 40% of your time extracting call insights

This is how noki saves your hours and makes your life way easier

Record meetings

Add the Noki recorder to your Zoom call to capture and transcribe your calls

Live Bookmarking

Use Noki to bookmark the key moments during your call, and add any comments as you’re going

Clean up your call, in seconds

Get the full transcript, the full video and each of your bookmarked moments. Tag your calls in seconds.

Create insights

Group together bookmarks to create video summaries. Use for individual calls or to collect findings from multiple calls.

Share insights

Give your team the full context by sharing insights to your existing platforms

Noki saves users hours of wasted time and drives better insights

The fastest possible way to synthesise and share call insights

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